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Sunday, Oct. 7, 2018 - What a great race it was!
See the full 2018 results. More photos of the race are on our photos page.
  It was cool and overcast -- perfect for a race!  About 175 runners and walkers participated in the 31st annual Ridge Run     amidst fog, brilliant foliage and, of course, Ripton's  hills!

Adults, kids, individuals, families and one team took part in what's become a tradition for many people in Ripton, Addison County and around the Northeast. 






Oct. 9, 2016  was a great day for a race! Check out the results here.

Nearly 200 runners and walkers took part in the 29th annual Ripton Ridge Run on Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016.  Participants came from throughout the northeast yet it was Addison County residents who took home most of the prizes.  The hilly 5K was again dominated by teenage athletes while the rigorous 10.4 demanded those with more experience.  However, some medal-winning finishes by high-school boys suggests they have the top spots in their sights for next year. 

Henry Ganey, 17, of Middlebury won the Men’s 5K with a time of 18:22; Lance Bergmans, a 16 year-old from Ferrisburgh was behind him in 18:39.  Ripton’s 14 year-old Jack Christner was third in 19:35.  Malia Hodges, 14, from Cornwall won the Women’s division with a time of 22:32 (14th overall).  Four seconds later, at 22:36, 12 year-old Madelyn Stowe of Weybridge crossed the finish line. Fiona Price, 15, of Northboro, MA was the third woman, coming in at 23:33. 

In the 10K, Todd Smith ran away from the field, winning with a time of 38:12, more than three minutes ahead of second place finisher, Tony Bates, 57, of Salisbury who finished in 41:36.  Sixteen year-old year old Sam Hodges of Cornwall made a strong third place showing in 41:56.  In the women’s division, 36 year-old Sarah Lawrence of Montpelier finished first with a time of 51:00 and came in tenth overall.  Amber McDonald, 38, of Middlebury was the next person across the finish line at 51:18.  Ripton’s Wendy Leeds  took third, finishing in 53:38.

Jack Turner, 81, of Middlebury, the oldest of the day’s competitors, proved that speed isn’t everything – he ran the 10K and finished in 1:24:29 – hats off to him! 

The 5K, 10.4K and 5K FunWalk events were followed by a hearty lunch in the school gym.  Afterwards, there was a large raffle of merchandise and gift certificates generously donated by Addison County businesses.  The awards ceremony wrapped up the day with prizes for the top overall finishers and glass medallions for winners of each age group.

October 11, 2015 

Youthful energy took all the honors in the Ripton Ridge Run’s 5K but the experience and staying power of maturity proved key in the 10K.  The 28th annual Ridge Run, Sunday, October 12, attracted about 185 runners and walkers who tested their legs on the hilly, autumnal roads of Ripton.  Family and friends joined them on a gorgeous sunny day for the post-race lunch, awards ceremony and raffle.


The 5K was swept by Addison County teens in both the men’s and women’s division.  Cornwall’s Sam Hodges led the field with a time of 18:26, followed by Nick Wilkerson of Middlebury at 18:39 and Lance Bergmans of Ferrisburgh at 18:51.  The women’s 5K was a Vorsteveld family affair with Julia, Kareena and Sylvia, all from Ferrisburgh, coming in at 23:09, 23:11 and 24:07 respectively.



In the 10.4K, Tony Bates of Salisbury once again finished first, as he has done many times since 1987’s first Ridge Run.  His time was 42:03. Aaron De Toledo, also from Salisbury, was next in at 42:26.  Ripton’s Andrew Gardner came in at 43:37, making him the third person to cross the finish line.  Nicole Wilkerson’s time of 49:48 put her 8th overall and 1st in the women’s division.  Mary Stewart, formerly of Ripton, was the 2nd woman to cross, 53:26 followed by Sarah Lawrence of Montpelier whose time was 54:19.  


Oct. 12, 2014 - Another great event!

Nearly 240 runners and walkers participated in the 27th annual Ripton Ridge Run on Oct. 12.  The day was gorgeous; perfect weather for a race!  Complete results can be found here More photos will be added as they come in from people who took photos that day.  Check back!

The men's 10.4 K race was won by Keith Wilkerson of Middlebury with a time of 41:33.4.  He was followed by Terence Allard of North Creek, NY at 43:03.1 and Benjamin Bruno of Middlebury at 43:45.7

Katherine Nasvik won the women's 10.4K in 53:22.4 with Mary Stewart (a Ripton Elementary School alumna) coming in right behind her at 53:23.1.  Emily Millard (temporarily transplanted from Ripton to Middlebury) was next at 55:18.6.

In the 5K, Nick Wilkerson from Middlebury had the fastest time on the course: 19:46.0.  In second place was Ripton's Sebastian Durante at 20.24.0 followed one second later by Jack Christner, also of Ripton.

Meg Meyer of New Haven set the pace for the women with her time of 23:27.8.  Thirteen year-olds Maisie Newbury, Ailey Bosworth and Mary-Ann Eastman were the next women to cross the finish line with  times of 24:44.9, 24:45.3 and 24:46.4 respectively.

2013 Ridge Run - Another banner event!

235 runners and walkers enjoyed a gorgeous day for a race at the 2013 Ripton Ridge Run on Sunday, October 13th.  The record numbers showing up at this 26th annual event enjoyed

sunny skies and warm temperatures, a wonderful race, an excellent lunch and a festive atmosphere.  55 people participated in the 10K run, 140 in the 5K run and 40 in the 5K fun walk.  They ranged in age from 3 year old Kaiya Maclay to 82 year-old Don Lacharite.
Chris Rodgers from Stowe won the men’s 10.4K with a time of 41:02, followed by Tony Bates of Middlebury at 42:00.  Middlebury’s Ben Bruno was third at 43:59.  Robyn Anderson of Stowe led the women, finishing in 44:34.  Next was Amanda Reinhardt from Middlebury who crossed the finish line at 50:01. Ripton native Mary Stewart, now from Stowe, was third at 51:51.

Addison County residents swept the 5K. In the men’s race, Max Moulton of Middlebury crossed the finish line first with a time of 17:55.  Sam Ferguson from Middlebury was next at 18:29 with Shoreham’s David Dregallo in third at 18:37.  Vergenne’s Tania Bolduc , set the pace for women, coming in at 24:29.  She was followed by Jennifer Bleich of Middlebury at 24:36 and Caryn Etherington from Middlebury 24:49.

For full results of the 2013 event, click here.


2012 -- 25th Annual Ripton Ridge Run!! 

Nearly 230 runners and walkers participated in the 25th Annual Ripton Ridge Run - our largest event ever!  Although the forecast had been grim, the weather cooperated with a cool and cloudy day - a perfect day for a race.

Peter Schneider won the 10K with a time of 39:39, followed about a minute later by Damian Bolduc at 40:48.  Robert Whalen was third at 43:08.  Nicole Wilkerson won the women's 10K for the second year in a row.  Her time was 45:49. Ripton's Cameron Wright was the next woman across the finish line with a time of 50:02; her former schoolmate Mary Stewart was third at 51:38.

In the 5K, Max Moulton crossed the finish line first with a time of 17:31.  Garrott Kuzzy was next at 17:59 with Sawyer Hescock in third at 18:17.  Ann Carson set the pace for women, coming in at 22:55.  She was followed by Julia Vorsteveld at 23:11 and Sophie Hodges 30 seconds later.

40 people participated in the 5K Fun Walk and numerous young Ripton school children raced in their own Kids' Race.

While the foliage provided a wonderful backdrop to the event,  Bud Leeds and Friends provided terrific music.  Their lively sound was an perfect means to highlight the festive nature of the day.  

The race was followed by lunch and then special awards to long-time sponsors, volunteers and participants in honor of our 25th year.  The raffle came next and finally the awards ceremony.  
In addition to the top three male and female finishers in each event, the Ridge Run gives glass medallions to the top three male and female finishers in each age group.

  2011 Ripton Ridge Run

Local runners triumphed in the 24th annual Ripton Ridge Run which was held on Sunday, Oct. 9, 2011.  The first place finishers in the 5K run were both graduates of the Ripton Elementary School and the winners of the 10K event also were from Addison County. For the second year in a row, Ripton’s Jennifer Cyr led the women’s 5K run with a time of 24:46.8; Miles Zwicky of Ripton paced the men in 19:27.3.  Tony Bates of Salisbury headed the field in the 10K with a time of 40:28.3 while Nicole Wilkerson of Middlebury was the first woman across the 10K finish line in 46:11.0.

Beautiful foliage and warm sunny weather greeted the 190 runners and walkers who turned out for the event, an annual benefit for the Ripton Elementary School.  Truly a family and community event, there were participants from age 2-80.  The oldest runner was 80-year old Don Lacharite, a regular participant from Winooski,h and the youngest runner was 7-year old Phoebe Hussey.  There were other, still younger participants who went the distance by stroller.  The Ripton Ridge Run also includes a 400-meter fun run for young children.  24 children participated in that event, most of them enrolled in Ripton’s Primary and Pre-K units – future winners of the longer events.


Ripton Ridge Run 2010

Over 200 runners and walkers enjoyed beautiful sunshine and cool temperatures on October 10, 2010 for the 23rd annual Ripton Ridge Run.  The three events – a 10.4K run, a 5K run and a 5K fun walk, plus a short run for young children – drew a record number of participants and their families in this annual fund-raiser for the Ripton Elementary School.

Sixteen-year-old Neil Guertin of Cornwall set the pace time in the 5K with 18:43.9.  Ripton’s thirteen-year-old Jennifer Cyr was the fastest woman on the course with a time of 23:50.1.  Teenagers gave way to seasoned runners in the challenging 10.4K race, with Keith Wilkerson of Middlebury taking first place for men in 40.28.9, narrowly beating out sixteen-year-old Stuart Guertin. Sarah Pribram of Shelburne earned the top spot for women with her time of 48:52.  

For complete results, go to the "Race Results" page.

The event attracted competitors and families of all ages.  The youngest runner in the 5K race was six-year-old Phoebe Hussey from Ripton; the oldest in each race were 78 years old: Gerald Barney from Swanton in the 10K and Charlotte’s Beverly Goodwin in the 5K. The non-competitive Fun Walk attracted people ages 8-68, with a few others in baby strollers. 14 pre-school and school-aged children, most from Ripton, participated in the Kids’ Race, a non-competitive event that took place on the school’s grounds.

The day's results as well as an album of pictures from the 2010 event are on other pages of this website.